About Us

What makes us special?
Center Stage Studio is one of Orange County’s premiere Musical Theater Program for children, teens and now adults! We pride ourselves on our high-quality and joyful environment!

  • Professional instructors dedicated to bring out the best of all of our performers in a fun and supportive environment
  • All classes are age appropriate with their own special performance
  • All performers receive a speaking role and a spot in a major musical number
  • All ages are welcome, at CSS everyone is a star!

Just a little more…
Miss Tracey’s, creative director and owner of The Center Stage Studio, goal in each of her classes is to make every child feel special. She wants all of her actors and actresses to feel that they are an important part of the production now matter how big or small his or her role may be because guess what, they are!

Each class performs their own special show! During rehearsals/class time, there are always two instructors (including TAs) present. Every child receives a speaking role and is in at least 2 musical numbers! Again, CSS tries its best to make sure ALL PERFORMERS feel special so if someone gets a smaller part, he or she might get a solo! CSS also emphasizes the importance of school work meaning, we instruct our performers to work on lines, dances, solos etc. on their own time! School work and family come first!

The Center Stage Studio not only invites performers to the word of musical theater and performing arts but we try to build a community and empower students with artistic skills that they can not only use on stage but for the rest of their lives.

What Is My Child Learning?
Some of you are wondering, “Okay, what exactly is my son or daughter doing in class each week for hour and a half. I’d like to answer that question in 2 parts!

Part 1 ~ Technique!

Students learn acting song and dance at a basic level which begins with listening to your fellow actors, speaking clearly and loudly (projecting!) and trying to have emotion while doing so. Dance is in the form of Creative Movement which is so even our least experience dancer can have fun with the choreography but we all are a symbiotic unit working together and having fun! Lastly, song. Again, just listening and following the notes of the music. Simple right?!
Besides the obvious acting, singing and dance, performers are also learning technical terminology including blocking, marks, fourth wall, and stage direction.

Part 2 ~ The Benefits of Children’s Theater

There is perhaps no more powerful tool than theatre to reach children. It taps into the instinct with which they are born, the instinct to explore by pretending — the instinct that, unfortunately, all too often is attacked by a world that pushes them to focus more on how they measure up than on who they truly are and can be.

Through theatre, all children are equal and free to explore. There are no wrong answers to fear and no competition to fall short of-only the chance to try on being someone else and, by doing so, to discover a little more of themselves
Theatre helps a child grow in the following ways.

Improves communication skills
Gives an opportunity to express oneself
Helps develop the ability to think critically
Encourages cooperation with others in achieving a joint goal
Helps develop moral and spiritual values
Helps a child explore oneself
Helps develop sensitivity and understanding of the feelings of others
Provides a safe and welcoming environment
Offers one-on-one attention for the socially challenged
Fosters peer acceptance and self-worth
A child’s dreams are the foundation of his or her future life.

Everyone is a star at CSS